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Strenghtened with its VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik) Certificate of Conformity and ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, MESA has a diverse and high quality product portfolio of terminals and connectors, serving automotive repair, white goods, domestic appliances and electronics manufacturing industries among many others. Having adopted maximum efficiency and effectiveness as our business understanding, our highly experienced staff manufactures products of only highest quality.

Company Profile:

Mesa Oto Elektrik Mam. Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. was established in 1988 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our main field of activity is the production of terminals and connectors widely used at auto-mechanics coupling, white goods, electrical household devices and other electrical/electronics sectors.

Our estate encompasses an area of of 1.000 sq m which is fully owned by the firm. Plant is located on this estate, in İkitelli Pik Dökümcüleri San. Sit. (İkitelli Cast Iron Founders Industrial Zone).

To raise our product quality above international standards
To continuously expand our product portfolio
To increase exports progressively
To become an organisation with a strong team
To become an establishment continuously self-developing by
To add value to our customers with strong efficient before sale and post-sale communication


To attain a stronger position in both domestic and international market


Being an environment friendly company,
Rewarding our staff at the highest level for their hard work and ensuring their well-being,
Always acting with honesty and integrity,
Keeping an open mind, allowing room for innovation.


Mesa Auto Electric’s quality policy is determined at regular meetings of company executives with department heads and is carefully codified. The policy revisions are always subject to below criteria:

To ensure highest level of consumer satisfaction through continuous development of product and service quality while maintaning a fair price,
To update production technology ceaselessly,
To keep the customer at the heart of organisational understanding,
To manage our physical sources and human resources efficiently,
To provide the constant improvement of the manufacturing process,
By obeying the conditions of total quality management while aiming to be a world trademark.

(ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, VDE)

Our domestic client portfolio includes, but is not limited to BAŞOĞLU KABLO, FEKA A.Ş, TEDÜM KABLO, NURSAN, ARÇELİK, KUMTEL, SANEL, BAŞKURT, TAKOSAN, SEGER KORNA, HEDEF KABLO.

Significant portion of our exports are to Middle-East and Eastern Europe. Our aim is to increase our export turnover to 50% of total turnover.

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